FiTech Retro LS Throttle Body EFI Kit

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Throttle Body EFI Kits
Self Learning:
User Tunable:
ECM Included:
Transmission Control:
Ignition Control:
Wire Harness Included:
Throttle Body Included:
Rated Airflow:
900 cfm
Throttle Body Finish:
Throttle Body Bolt Pattern:
4150 Style
Fuel Injector Size:
80 lb/hr
Map Sensor Included:
TPS Included:
IAC Included:
Crankshaft Reluctor Fitment:
24x or 58x
Knock Sensor Control:
Oxygen Sensor Included:
Oxygen Sensor Type:
  • FiTech Retro LS Throttle Body EFI Kit
  • FiTech Retro LS Throttle Body EFI Kit


FiTech Retro LS Throttle Body EFI Kit

Installation Instructions for FiTech 37001 Retro LS Throttle Body Kit

FiTech Fuel Injection Retro LS Complete Self Tuning Induction Systems for LS engines designed for the do-it-yourself Hot Rodder to the professional EFI tuner! This system is ready to go with the needed wiring harness and sensors to get you on the road easily and faster than any system on the market today. Forget sourcing mismatched parts and cutting and splicing old harnesses and re-flashed ECU’s from “Craigs List” tuners. FiTech’s Retro LS is a complete throttle body kit, suitable for that junkyard 5.3 to a stroker 427, we have you covered! Check out the list of features and you will wonder why it’s never been so simple to ditch that old factory hardware or top off that fresh long block and give your LS swapped vehicle look that old school carbureted look with the EFI technology and reliability.


  • Annular Discharge Design
  • Flow Matched 80 lb/hr Injectors
  • Self learning ECU with Touch Screen controller for easy setup and configuration
  • Semi sequential fuel and full spark control
  • Bosch wide band controlled (Self learning)
  • 24X and 58X crank and cam compatible
  • 1 BAR MAP Sensor – TPS – IAC Sensor
  • Speedometer Output Driver for most speedometers
  • On the fly programmable target AFR and Timing
  • Custom cam friendly
  • Knock Sensor Control
  • Available Transmission Control feature is suitable for 4L60, 4L65, or 4L80 G.M. transmissions
  • Classic Carburetor finish
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LIMITED WARRANTY – a. What Is Covered This warranty is limited to repair or replacement (at our option) of any FiTech part that fails because of a defect in workmanship or materials. Implied warranty: Any warranties implied by law are limited to the duration of this warranty, (except in those states where prohibited by law). b. How Long It Is Covered – All FiTech products are warranted for a period of one year from date of original retail purchase with an original receipt showing proof of purchase. c. Who We Cover: All FiTech warranties apply to the original purchasing consumer. d. What We Do Not Cover • Failure of a product due to misapplication, improper installation or maintenance, misuse, abuse, unauthorized repairs, accidents, or modifications to the original design. • Certain components of the EFI systems are limited to a 90 day warranty period. See separate complete Limited Warranty document for a list of specific components. e. What We Do Not Cover(Continued) • Removal or replacement costs. • Shipping costs. • Damage to related components. • Costs incurred due to downtime of vehicle. Warranty Service Procedure • In the event a problem develops with one of our products, contact our customer service department at 951-340-2624 or fax to 951-340-2648. It may be determined that the product will have to be returned for inspection and/or repair. A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number will be assigned to you. This number must be on the box shipped back to FiTech Customer Service . • The product must be returned via freight prepaid. It must be accompanied by a clear description of what the problem is with the product. • If the product is determined to be defective within the warranty period, FiTech will repair, replace, or issue credit to the original consumer at our option. Any repaired or replaced product will be returned to the sender via prepaid Fedex or other ground carrier. There is no warranty on the following: -Any product used in marine applications unless specifically stated for marine usage. -Any parts used in racing applications or subject to excessive wear. -Any product that has been physically altered, improperly installed or improperly maintained. -Any product used in improper applications.
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