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King XP Series Gen V L86 LT1 LT4 Rod Bearing Set CR8057XPN020 -.020" Undersize

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Rod Bearing
Bearing Journal Size:
0.020" Undersize
Bearing Material:
Tri-metal, Copper-lead, Hardened Overlay
Sold as a set of 8
Use with stock L86, LT1, LT4 rods
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King XP Series Gen V L86 LT1 LT4 Rod Bearing Set CR8057XPN020 -.020" Undersize

The XP Series also known as pMax Black™ is a unique tri-metal structure for race applications. The overlay is strengthened by a proprietary nano-scaled hardening process that modifies the molecular structure and creates a black fatigue-resistant shield.

King factory applied nano-composite polymer coating – With no added thickness!

King’s new pMaxKote™ is a nano-composite polymer coating. It is applied over the pMax Black™ overlay at the King factory as part of the bearing manufacturing process.  It enhances wear resistance without changing the bearing’s original precision wall thickness dimension.

King’s pMaxKote™ is a new approach to coated bearings. It has proven to protect bearings during metal-to-metal contact, as well as from the erosive effects of cavitation. It contains ceramic nano-composite particles that function as a fourth layer which provides superior build protection.

pMaxKote™ enhances the following benefits of King XP race bearings:

• Superior seizure resistance

• Superior cavitation resistance

• Superior wear resistance

• Superior protection against oil starvation

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