Mahle Motorsports 3.800" +.005" 1.0mm, 1.0mm, 2.0mm File Fit Rings 3805MS-112

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File Fit Piston Ring Sets
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Performance rings Performance rings MAHLE pioneered the use of piston ring simulation and computer development tools to engineer rings that provide ??free?? horsepower by successfully minimizing friction. MAHLE??s ultra flat ring flanks and precision finish also maximize ring to piston sealing. The difference is evident on the dyno and the track. Our new 1mm, 1mm, 2mm ring pack includes a steel top ring with our patented HV385 supersonic thermal spray process applied to the top ring for superior bonding, increased durability, and increased scuff resistance. A steel napier second ring and industry leading CP-20 oil ring round out the package. For 1.5mm and 1/16" ring sets, the top rings are positive twist ductile iron, barrel faced, plasma-moly inlaid. In addition, the second rings are reversed twist taper faced cast iron. The .043?? ring sets in most popular bore sizes are a taper hook groove design; some sizes still have the reverse twist taper faced design. The taper hook groove design second ring is a running change for .043?? ring sets. The 1/16?? sets are available with either standard or low tension oil control rings. The .043?? sets come with low tension and the 1.5mm sets come with standard tension oil control rings. Standard tension expanders are available separately for use with .043?? sets wear increased oil control is necessary. The .043 x 1.5mm x 3.0mm sets use top rings that are positive twist ductile iron, barrel faced, plasma-moly inlaid. The 1.5mm second rings are a taper hook groove design. These sets include standard tension 3mm oil control rings. Sport compact ring sets are available ranging from 81-100mm and come with steel nitrated top rings, reverse twist cast iron second and a standard tension oil control rings. * All the ring listings can be found in our catalog.
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Warranty Information

Due to the nature of performance applications, the parts sold by MAHLE Motorsports, Inc. are sold without any express warranty or any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.
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